Grr… it’s Monday again. Is it spring break yet?

It’s that time of year when kids are getting antsy, the long holiday break is done and they are awaiting the loveliness that is spring break~


Teachers are working hard to teach, teach, teach and cram in the content before the testing window opens yet again.  Everyone is tired.  I remember those days well, when I had a classroom… and now hear about them regularly during consultations.


My best advice is:

  • create a routine that makes sense for you!!!! Work out in the morning, drink your coffee, listen to your favorite music, read the newspaper… whatever works for you.  Spend at least a few minutes every morning just being with yourself.
  • Create a plan for the day!  ‘Today I am going to smile more.  Today I am going to give at least 3 compliments. ETC.’  Give yourself a plan of attack and purpose for the day.  Days can be long, and tedious, so give yourself some grace and a plan
  • Follow those lesson plans.  Last week you spent your hard earned hours creating and prepping materials for the lesson plans.  Try your best to stay on schedule, and complete what you came into the school to do!
  • After the day is complete, spend a few minutes debriefing (i.e. journaling, talk to yourself over a cup of tea/wine/etc., doodle, coloring books, movie, tv show, etc.).  Think through what happened today… what are you proud of? What would you like to see less of?


Give yourself some grace! It is very important to give yourself some slack to be human.  Although you are accountable for all 45 students in your classroom, this doesn’t mean you must be perfect!