Other things to consider with AAC

How will you decide what device and program is best for your learner?

  • Consult an SLP or an assistive tech assessor to assist in the determination!  They will run a formal assessment and trial some devices with your child to determine the best option.

How will you teach using the device?

  • How large of an array can the child handle right now?
  • should all available icons be on the first page for now?
  • will the child communicate in single words? two word phrases? full sentences? adjectives?
  • does the child work best in the natural environment or a structured, isolated table to initially learn the icons and process?
  • does the child have a well-developed non-identical matching repertoire?

How will you instruct mom and dad about the device?

  • will they come in and observe session?
  • will you go to the house and model?
  • will you provide a combination of both?
  • Will you give the family a written protocol, just as you do your session staff?

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