what behaviors do you want to see less of?

What are you seeing?

  • screaming
  • crying
  • non-compliance
  • refusing to complete work
  • refusing to comply with directions
  • running out of the classroom
  • profanity
  • aggression
  • refusing to participate

when are they happening?

  • same time of day?
  • every time there is a direction?
  • during the same courses?

why are they happening?

  • child is behind in the grade level content
  • child is embarrassed to share their knowledge
  • child is unsure of the directions
  • is the child hungry?
  • is the child lacking parenting and wants sympathy?


Collecting more data about WHAT, WHEN and WHY these behaviors are  happening, so you can best identify a treatment plan!


Think about what happened before the behavior (that you can observe), what did the behavior look like, and how did you react?


What happened after the behavior?

  • did you ignore the child’s behavior?
  • did the child have to complete the work later by themselves?
  • did the child have to complete the work later with you?
  • did the child receive a verbal reaction (i.e. ‘it’s time to do work’, ‘hey ___, how are you?, etc.)?
  • other consequences?  If you are using a color coded behavior system, was the child immediately moved down on the ‘score chart’?


FINALLY, is the child missing the skill to complete the task or the motivation to complete the task?


Collect more data, and come back soon for more tips!

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