organization of your classroom

A few things to think about:

  • how do you educate throughout the day?
    • small groups?
    • whole group?
    • independent work?
    • centers?
  • where will your students learn best?
    • desks?
    • floor comfort?
    • standing areas?
  • who will supply the materials?
    • students in desks?
    • communal supply?
  1. Be sure you have set ground rules and expectations.  PRACTICE these for the first few weeks of school, and slowly fade once students are demonstrating these skills.

Options for organization:

Consider having a library area that has floor seated areas, a box of floor cushions that can be moved around the room, and possibly some moveable room barriers to create small nooks for working!

have desks in rows facing the blackboard?

in small groupings of desks in the classroom?

use tables and chairs with name tags? and bags on the backs of chairs for books and supplies?

Have an area of the classroom for:

  • kleenex
  • pencils
  • scissors
  • rulers
  • pens
  • markers
  • crayons
  • etc.




Think about what feeling you want in your classroom.

Busy walls with posters and fun themes?

Simplistic colors that encourage learning, but not overwhelming?

Regular themes in the classroom, rotating materials ongoing?


This is your room that you establish for your students.  What do you want???

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