The new year is here, which means just a few more days before you return to that classroom…

Mixed emotions, to say the least.  School before the holidays is quite often frustrating as students are not focused, teachers are tired, and weather is less than cooperative.  As you enjoy a few more days of vacation, spend time relaxing and centering yourself… then spend some time thinking about your classroom.

  • what is your morning routine? should you revamp morning meeting? Do the students come right in and get to work, or do they have time to chat with friends, then it is a struggle to get them to work?
  • how is the day structured?  all whole group? lots of independent work?  make sure to use your research and make good decisions about how to structure the day
  • does the classroom need reorganization? are materials easy to find?


Just the start of contemplation!

New Year’s Resolution… what is yours?

New Year’s Resolutions come in many different shapes and sizes.  I like to spend some time before heading into the new school year, thinking about…

  • things that went well
  • things that could have done better
  • my work/life balance
  • work aspirations for the next year
  • personal aspirations for the next year
  • relationships in work
  • personal relationships
  • confidence in skill
  • how am I feeling about work right now?
  • how am I feeling about my personal life right now?

The new year is a great time to set some long and short term goals.  I like to think about the long-term goals that I have for my classroom, then set attainable short term goals.  Some goals can be met in a month, but typically I give myself 2-3 months to attain each short term goal!  This will get you to spring break, which is another time to re-think these goals!


My long term goals professionally are:

  • better differentiation of instruction that is pre-planned and ready to go for much of core curriculum
  • more communication with families regularly

My long term goals personally are:

  • spend at least 6 days a week for 2 hours each day at the gym!


These goals will help keep me centered and focused on the changes that I want to make!