The cycle of teaching!

As teachers, you are well-versed in how to write lesson plans, create learning opportunities, create routines, best practices in teaching, and countless other teaching skills that occur regularly!

Something that may help to bridge the gap is:




Data should be collected about all teaching and organizational components.

  • do your students have difficulty following directions?
  • does it seem that no one knows how to complete group work?
  • what was the range of scores on the last exam?
  • are the same students always participating?

Look at:

  • what are the expectations of students?
  • healthy competition?
  • are routines learned and utilized? do they need revision?
  • educational structure? individualized? differentiated?
  • classroom management?  Does it need a re-vamp?  do you have PBIS in place?

These are just the first steps!  What do you come up with?


  • look at your data, and answer the questions
  • create potential options for solutions, then determine pros and cons of each
  • make the best decision for change


  • determine the change and make it happen
  • do you need more research to implement?
  • do you need assistance to implement?


It’s time to make a change.  What will your change look like?