Be your best version of a teacher… change your mindset

Think about all the good things in your class.

  • what is going well?
  • what are you proud of?
  • who is doing well?  why are they doing well?
  • create a list

Now think about all those things that are not going the same way you planned.

  • who is struggling?
  • why are kids not following instructions? completing work? attending to my directions
  • create a list

Now I want you to look at your list.

Who is to blame?  Let’s think about it as just a problem to solve.

Start by re-framing your views.  Re-write your frustrations as observable statements.

Instead of saying ‘the child is always yelling and refusing to do work’…..

‘the child does not complete work and engages in loud vocalizations’

‘The child is bad and won’t listen’… ‘the child does not follow directions’.

If you can objectively state what is seen, then solutions are much easier to identify.


Take yourself and your emotions out of the picture… what is the behavior?  how can we fix it?

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