Teachers… what’s your purpose?

In order to assist in the shaping and problem solving procedure, we need to go back to our roots.

  • Why did you get into teaching?
  • What makes you excited about your day?
  • What is going well?
  • What do you hope to get out of your teaching career?

Then continue the soul-searching…. either same day or afterwards

  • what is frustrating about your job?
  • what do you want to do better?
  • why don’t you love going to work every day?
  • what are you feeling right now?


With both of those in mind, we will begin to plan for great changes.

Take your list of concerns and frustrations, and prioritize.

Think about:

  • can I fix this on my own?
  • do I need to get my administration or supervisor involved?
  • do I need parent participation?
  • the components that are needed to make these things happen.

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be providing tips and tricks to assist in these concerns, but first you must brainstorm and begin to problem solve the issues, and stakeholders.



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