Why did I decide to become a teacher? What’s the point?

Teaching is a noble profession that puts in immediate contact with those students that need you most.  It allows your passion, dedication and training to work in collaboration with your love of people to best reach your population.

I love watching the ‘wow’ moments happen.  The moment your students understand a concept that they did not before.  The moment when a non-reader reads their first word… the student that write their name for the first time…. the student that raises his hand before jumping out of seat…. these moments happen all throughout your days, and they remind you why you became a teacher.  All the meetings, challenging parent meetings, long nights of creating lesson plans and grading papers, weekends at Kinko’s making copies, etc are all worth it when you see the child’s eyes light up because they are proud of themselves.


The relationships that are modeled and developed.  We as teachers are not able to modify our student’s home lives, however we can model a different example of child-adult relationships.  We have the whole day, every day, 5 days a week to model, hone and teach these skills.  Refine social skills and interactions, model and teach appropriate language and self-advocacy.  We are given an opportunity to create a unique bond with each and every student separately, to ensure they feel comfortable and confident to confide in you and trust you to guide them.

It is such a rewarding feeling to encounter a previous student, who remembers you, and thanks you for the difference you made in their life!  Nothing can replace this.


Teaching is not easy, although there are several great things that come from it…. assessments, teaching to the test, state standards/common core, RTI/MTSS, small group learning, differentiated instruction, whole group lessons, homework, lesson plans, daily schedules, organized classrooms, challenging students and families (and potentially coworkers), IEP goal writing, feeling frustrated due to a lack of support for challenging students, feeling disrespected, isolated… and the list goes on.

ABA is here to step-by-step make your days easier.  ABA will help to structure, provide guidance for behavior management, and increase the positivity in your classroom too.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.