How can ABA make my teaching job easier?


  • create a list of routines that are consistent
    • going to the bathroom
    • walking in the hall
    • getting materials in the classroom
    • responding during whole group
    • participating during small group
    • expectations during independent work
    • ETC!!!
  • then practice them daily until you see success, then slowly fade out your directions and raise your expectations that these transitions will JUST HAPPEN!
  • Provide lots of ‘thumbs up’, tokens (if your classroom has a token economy), smiles, high fives, ‘great job’ with specific praise, etc.  Provide tons of attention of on-task behavior, and minimal attention to off-task.  For those that choose not to participate appropriately, maybe extra practice, or a gestural prompt, will help, but do not bring extra attention to this!

This is my first suggestion to re-establish yourself in the classroom as the leader, teacher!!!

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